Man who gave public speech against zero-covid freed by crowd

重庆超人哥 视频4

[Chongqing Superman video 4 The police wanted to use violence to take the man away, the man shouted “Help me” Then the residents forcibly rescued the man from the police, and cheered each other to send him away. At this moment, he is a real superman! According to a contribution from the owner of the community, he has now been taken home by his parents and left the community without being arrested. ~ Google translation]

Originally tweeted by 李老师不是你老师 (@whyyoutouzhele) on November 24, 2022.

It is inspiring to see this. But this is a rare occurrence, both for his speaking out and for his being freed by the crowd. Authorities will surely turn his QR code red or worse. Across the world we are seeing authorities using covid emergency powers to trample their citizens. This shows the deep dark side of political power and how ready even apparently sane leaders are to use it. If all of us would stand up like the crowd in this video, emergency powers abuses would stop immediately. ABN

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