‘Died Suddenly’ – An Explanation

Protein Folding

It sure looks like protein folding irregularities lie at the heart of severe COVID-19, long COVID and vaccine harm (both immediate and delayed), these being driven by the presence of the spike protein. A Midwestern Doctor draws upon a solid body of research to reach the following conclusion:

In summary, this study demonstrated that there are always slightly irregular or misfolded fibrous blood clots being formed within the body, but at the same time the body has a mechanism for removing them. However, once small amounts of spike protein are added into the mix (at concentrations I believe will be reached through vaccination) those irregular fibrous clots spiral out of control and come to dominate the clotting process. At this point, the body’s mechanisms for removing them are no longer able to outpace this growth function and they instead grow until they are constrained in size by the blood vessels they are within like the large fibrous clots shown in Died Suddenly.

Ante Mortem Hypercoagulation

My penny worth – as expressed in my initial article – is that these clotting processes likely continue after death, these grotesque results being an example of ante mortem hypercoagulation. I’ve chewed this over with a switched-on GP and we agree that the size and quantity of fibre and clots, along with the level of blood decomposition seen by embalmers, is not plausible in a living person. We presume that the emergence of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) and the rise in excess young death around the globe is due to onset of these processes.


Many have pointed out problems with the movie “Died Suddenly” and also many have pointed out there is a lot of evidence for the clots. This article provides a probable explanation for why so many clots are being found by embalmers. ABN

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