EMERGENCY – China Has Erupted – REVOLUTION!!!

Many strong signs of rebellion presented in this video. Impossible to predict what will happen but a few factors worth mentioning are: 1) Xi grievously insulted Hu Jintao and his faction by publicly kicking Hu out of the 20th Congress; 2) Xi appointing only toady loyalists to the Standing Committee after seizing a third-term as emperor of China. These two factors and more must have profoundly angered Xi’s rivals in Shanghai and throughout China. Very probable they are fomenting and abetting demonstrations as they arise. 3) Xi could be quietly deposed or assassinated followed by another communist boss. This is quite likely. 4) A real revolution could happen with chaos ensuing. Some new form of government would arise probably with Taiwan and American connections. Some underlying factors are the bad economy in China, American sanctions on high-end computer chips, a general turning away from trade with China by the West. The harshness and crudeness of Xi Jinping is also a strong emotional signal that no one can ignore. China is a highly cohesive social entity so when unrest happens and grows enough, nothing can stop it. This has been a core reason for Xi’s extreme harshness with lockdowns and more. ABN

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