Which is harder to believe?

That DC is a powerful Satanic web of depravity, murder, blackmail & bribery or it is a slithering mass of spineless worms malingering, dithering, marking time till retirement?

In the second option, as spineless worms, they are lazy, stupid, unpatriotic, immoral, incompetent, only mildly corrupt, taking only what they can grab without risk.

In the first option, they are a deep nest of deadly bloodsuckers organized in a hierarchy of perversion held together by blackmail willingly provided; sucking life, wealth, and energy out of our nation.

SCOTUS punts, Pence cucks, courts refuse evidence, Congress pretends there is none; all of them act holier-than-thou based on devious interpretations of the Constitution. Press and Big Tech play along.

So which is it? Timid dumb fucks or Minions of Darkness?

first posted JANUARY 7, 2021

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