Elon Musk slams NY Times for ignoring his exposé of how Twitter censored Hunter Biden laptop – as woke outlets including Washington Post, CBS News and ABC all avoid the story too

  • Musk promoted the ‘Twitter Files’ on Friday – which some outlets have ignored 
  • The Files contain leaked Twitter correspondence about the Hunter Biden laptop
  • The NYT and Washington Post are two major outlets that had not covered them 
  • Publications that had covered the files include: POLITICO, CNN and NBC
  • NBC dampened the news by suggesting the emails didn’t reveal anything new

MSM is not covering these revelations because they were doing it too. Simple as that. Their not covering shows how widespread the problem of mind-control through fake news is in USA. I bet FB, Reddit and all the other social media will ban, shadow-ban, cancel, or downplay this huge story as well. Buddhists, if you ever wondered how and why delusion causes the First Noble Truth of “suffering” or “stress,” you can see it now in all its massive glory. A major psyop has been exposed and the perps pretend nothing has happened. ABN

UPDATE: Elon Musk says Twitter’s censorship of Hunter Biden laptop story was the ‘definition of election interference’ and that firm ‘was acting as an arm of the DNC’ and Liberal journalists rush to smear reporter Matt Taibbi for releasing Elon Musk’s explosive ‘Twitter Files’ that exposed censorship of Hunter Biden laptop. ABN

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