US outlines four scenarios for Chinese attack on Taiwan

The four courses of action against Taiwan according to the US DOD annual China Military Power Report, include an air and maritime blockade, a limited force or coercive campaign, an air and missile campaign, and a full-scale invasion.

During a joint blockade the PLA could cut off maritime and air traffic, stopping vital imports to force Taiwan’s surrender. 

A limited force or coercive campaign could include computer network or limited kinetic attacks against Taiwan’s political, military and economic infrastructure to induce fear among the public. PLA special operations forces could also infiltrate Taiwan and conduct attacks against infrastructure or leadership targets.

An air and missile campaign could see precision strikes against key government and military targets, as well as communications facilities “to degrade Taiwan’s defenses, neutralize Taiwan’s leadership, or undermine the public’s resolve to resist.”

An amphibious invasion of Taiwan, the fourth scenario, could envision a complex coordinated operation to break through shore defenses, build up combat power along the coastline and seize key targets across the entire island.


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