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This discussion is a good example of free speech with not free reach. The speech in this video is crucial to the health and well-being of all Americans and the world. Yet MSM and most social media are ignoring this speech, preventing far too many Americans from hearing it.

Musk recently began allowing free speech for covid on Twitter but he has balefully claimed that Twitter’s overall policy will be “freedom of speech but not freedom of reach.” This is sad because the best example of why freedom of reach is crucial to free speech is covid speech over the past three years. We only have good science on covid today because so many people worked relentlessly to research it. Their research has been first-rate but still today, and even with this hearing in the Senate, honest covid speech and science is not reaching enough people. If we had had free speech with free reach from the beginning of covid, hundreds of thousands of American lives and millions of lives worldwide would have been saved.

I maintain that all subjects are like this. Free speech with free reach is always better than restricted speech. There are no exceptions. Musk claims to be a “free speech absolutist,” which is good. But as covid has shown very clearly, free speech without free reach is not free speech at all. It is a sham that will inevitably produce disaster. Covid speech was controlled or “curated” by powerful forces of greed and savagery. Those are always the forces that curb free speech. ABN

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