Twitter kept ‘secret blacklist to stop accounts and topics trending’: Second tranche of internal files reveal conservatives were marked ‘do not amplify’ and COVID lockdown skeptics ‘shadow banned’ in a move staff called ‘visibility filtering’

  • Journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss have been handed a trove of documents from Twitter, detailing why they censored the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop
  • Taibbi released the first tranche of the documents on Friday, and Weiss on Thursday followed up with a second series
  • Weiss revealed that conservatives and lockdown skeptics were deliberately down-ranked by Twitter, to stop their accounts gaining prominence 
  • Among those blacklisted were Fox News regular Dan Bongino and youth activist Charlie Kirk, plus Stanford CDC critic Dr Jay Bhattacharya
  • Jack Dorsey and his head of legal, Vijaya Gadde, both denied that Twitter ever deliberately downgraded or ‘shadow banned’ any accounts 
  • The documents from Taibbi showed panic among senior Twitter staff in October 2020 when The New Post reported on the contents of Hunter’s computer

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