VERMONT: Collectively, cancer-related deaths are ominously rising in 2021 and 2022 well above pre-pandemic levels, far more than in 2020

One of the more frightening and potentially cataclysmic public health disasters brought on by the covid vaccines is the dysregulation of immunological mechanisms critical to suppressing cancerous cells. There is at the same time a plausible mechanistic basis to suspect that the covid vaccines themselves also promote the development of cancerous cells.

…It is important to remember that when there are consecutive years of excess deaths above the nominal ‘expected’ number of deaths, the true number of excess deaths is going to be increasingly higher than the difference between the topline numbers year to year, because of what is known as a ‘pull-forward’ effect.

The ‘pull-forward’ effect is essentially as follows: If there are excess cancer deaths in one year, this depletes the pool of people susceptible to dying from cancer for the next year (or few years depending on the magnitude & characteristics of the excess), because inevitably some or most of the excess deaths happen to people who were already susceptible to dying from cancer, meaning that there should be fewer cancer deaths than ‘normal’ the following year. Put differently, if the next year had the normal number of cancer deaths, that would in reality be excess cancer deaths because there are still people dying from cancer in year #2 who were not ‘supposed’ to (you can ask your local actuary about this).

Therefore, the fact that 2021 – and even more for 2022 – saw excess cancer deaths following excess deaths in 2020 [& 2021] means that the degree of excess is probably more than what would appear to be the case superficially.


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