$40,000-a-year Chicago private school hold ‘affinity groups’ for children as young as four that white students are banned from attending: Dean also bragged about handing out dildos in lesson about queer sex

  • Francis W. Parker School has come under fire after Dean Joseph Bruno, told an undercover reporter from Project Veritas about their sex ed program
  • There’s more to the ‘progressive’ school’s activities, including the affinity groups for children as young as four 
  • Children from preschool onwards can attend the groups, however, white students are not welcome 
  • The site itself announces: ‘SOCA is open to all students in grades JK–5th Grade who self-identify as a student of color and who are interested in participating’ 
  • Parents Defending Education President Nicki Neily said in a statement that the school was ‘segregating students by race’ and ‘immoral’ 

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