‘The inmates were running the asylum’: Elon Musk calls out former safety czar Yoel Roth and confirms right-wing accounts were suspended when ‘NO rules were broken’ after bombshell Twitter Files exposed ‘Soviet-level’ censorship

  • Elon Musk on Thursday revealed that multiple Twitter accounts run by conservatives were censored despite not breaking any of their rules
  • Musk, who bought site in October,  vowed to make the social media company more transparent after the release of the second tranche of Twitter Files
  • He said they were ‘working on a software update that will show your true account status, so you know clearly if you’ve been shadow banned’ and why
  • Musk pointed to the reporting of Bari Weiss, who on Thursday released internal documents and Slack messages showing the scale of censorship
  • Weiss reported that conservative commentators such as Dan Bongino and Charlie Kirk had their accounts deliberately downplayed

Elon, this is what happens when you limit reach. Also, there is no reason to limit reach because Twitter users will sift wheat from chaff better than any administrator or any algorithm. Limiting reach is just another word for censorship. ABN

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