‘What it’s funding is an emerging class of diversity mandarins’ ~ Dr James Orr

‘It’s actively undermining and damaging the institutions it’s being spent on.’

University professor Dr James Orr reacts to a new report which reveals the higher education sector is spending £30 million on diversity.

Originally tweeted by GB News (@GBNEWS) on December 10, 2022.

What Orr describes is a parasitic subculture feeding on the university system. If more of us fully understand that cultures and subcultures can and do exhibit savage parasitic behaviors, it will become easier to prevent the ruination they inevitably cause. The extent to which parasitic groups and individuals have infested the West is as plain as day. In nature, parasitism is common and not unusual at all. Throughout history, civilizations have fallen as parasitic subcultures proliferate within them.

In the West, one of our great weaknesses is the credentialization of social status which has conferred authority on the credentialed, who then become mentors who gradually promote only toadies and mediocrities, mentees who do not threaten them, thus causing one generation after another to be weaker than the one preceding it. Bad as that system was and is, it became worse when shortcuts to credentialization were created, diversity being but one of them. This is a huge problem that must be recognized for what it is or Western civilization is done for. ABN

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