McCarthy vows subpoenas for 51 intel-agents who signed letter saying Hunter laptop story was Russian collusion – as part four of Twitter Files reveal pressure from Michelle Obama to ban Trump

  • Presumed future House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that he will subpoena the 51 intelligence officials who signaled the Hunter laptop story was fake
  • In the days prior to the 2020 election, intel community officials including former CIA and DIA heads, said the laptop appeared to be Russian disinformation 
  • McCarthy’s promise arrives as more information about Twitter’s internal communications seeking to ban former President Trump come to light
  • In recent days, the Twitter Files have illustrated how senior executives at the online platform worked in the time around the last election to aid Democrats 

I have no faith in McCarthy, Congress, the DOJ, or even our court system, but change might happen somewhere and this might do some good. Incidentally, those 51 premeditating liars prove Trump is a threat to them and their ill-gotten stranglehold on our nation. ABN

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