Bill Barr is Contributor to Bari Weiss Twitter File Release Website

I’m not going to write extensively about this because I respect your intellectual ability to see the obvious.  Questions have been raised about why the Twitter File releases appear to have been structured in a fashion to protect government interests.

Well, the new Bari Weiss website that was set up to launch as an exclusive outcome of the Twitter File release, includes a current contributor and former 2020 control officer of the DOJ who would have facilitated the DHS/FBI contact with social media; the stuff that is transparently missing from the Twitter File releases.

Yes, former AG Bill Barr is a content partner with Twitter File narrative engineer Bari Weiss.  Gee, I wonder how that happens?

Oh look, and what a coincidence… they are both promoting Ron DeSantis.


This kind of information reveals the narrative control networks and how they are arranged and interact. Who the players are and how they are connected. At near-the-top levels they all speak with the same voice. At higher levels of control all sides of whatever issue are enfolded into the network as controlled opposition. We can be sure about Barr and quite sure about Weiss but may still wonder about Musk. What role is he playing? Is he controlled opposition, a limited hangout, a red-herring or a real person with an active spirit and imagination? I can forgive his too-early support of DeSantis as maybe he does not understand American politics.

Maybe Musk is fooling his handlers and will dump all the Twitter documents exposing all the crimes just before Christmas. I am willing to wait awhile and listen to him charitably. We can be sure he is under enormous pressure to submit to control. I am certain there is a very large carrot and a very large stick hanging over him and he knows it in detail. And he knows what happened to Ye, whose handler he may even share. ABN

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