‘They are GOVERNMENT GANGSTERS… The FBI was in on it. They’ve admitted under oath to being there with Twitter, so… release the Twitter documents with the FBI. That’s my biggest ask of Elon Musk’ — Kash Patel names names

“What they have done against the American people is destroy the Department of Justice… We have to call these people out. At this moment in time Elon Musk giving out all this information is our one chance at getting it all back.” ~ Kash Patel

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Patel describes a large and filthy parasitic subculture feeding on USA through its control of DOJ, FBI, and more. Infiltration, usurpation, asymmetric war, call it what you like, this is far more serious than mere government corruption. Today is a test of Elon Musk’s depth. Is he going to expose only some of the evidence to sanitize it, to program the public and fold Twitter into a mind-control narrative that condones parasitism and ruination of USA? Or is he going to deliver all the goods and help resurrect USA? This is a major turning-point. ABN

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