Odessa falls and Ukraine becomes a landlocked country

Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance:

ISTAR stands for intelligencesurveillancetarget acquisition, and reconnaissance. In its macroscopic sense, ISTAR is a practice that links several battlefield functions together to assist a combat force in employing its sensors and managing the information they gather.

Information is collected on the battlefield through systematic observation by deployed soldiers and a variety of electronic sensors. Surveillancetarget acquisition and reconnaissance are methods of obtaining this information. The information is then passed to intelligence personnel for analysis, and then to the commander and their staff for the formulation of battle plans. Intelligence is processed information that is relevant and contributes to an understanding of the ground, and of enemy dispositions and intents. Intelligence failures can happen.


UPDATE: This is a terrific interview. Everybody should watch it and learn from it. Macgregor is a very clear speaker and provides deep analysis and specific suggestions. Vlahos talks like an academic, which he is, but at 1:59:40, he describes the American elite and our problem with it perfectly, thereby describing the core of American decline which is near-irreversible and entirely due to that elite which he says has built a “…hermetic, separate political system. Something far less sensitive to the people even than British society in the mid-18th Century, which no one would argue was a democracy.” In what is now normal American parlance, both men speak in code about our elite by entirely ignoring how they got there, who they are, and what their long-term goals are. ABN

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