Quasi-Species Swarms in SARs-CoV-2: How diverse are the swarms?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about SARs-CoV-2 existing as an ever evolving shapeshifting quasi-species swarm.

JJ Couey has covered this and its worth entertaining. 

…The exact magnitude of these variants pathogenicity is open to a fair debate, but this is missing the bigger picture regarding the ease of synthesizing and potentially leaking more virulent ones. The sequencing data clearly shows the duration of each variants and how long this clade remained the dominant member of the swarm. I see no reason a more virulent leaked clone couldn’t last just as long and lap the globe.

There is now a $100B incentive for a Biotech company or state actor to create a new virus and profit from the vaccines or testing industries that will quickly reboot for the next leak. It is also pretty clear, that you can get away with such a crime as long as your interests can be aligned with the aggregation of more political power for individuals in regulatory control of these markets.


This is a detailed refutation of a lot of what Couey said about covid swarms. This may not interest readers if they are not aware of what Couey said. The two highlighted paragraphs above which appear near the end of this piece are the very big problem we are facing. Another one is anyone bold enough to pull off the first attack is bold enough to do anything, not just biowarfare. ABN

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