The Climate Change Alternative We Ignore (to Our Peril)

A study released in January 2020 by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics/Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Science Press and Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, claims that the world’s oceans are warming at the same rate as if five atomic bombs were dropped into the sea every second.

When the Earth’s core enters an exothermic cycle, the Earth’s air-conditioning heat pump gets less efficient.


In the article linked above, the argument is made that the heart of the earth is responsible for enormous amounts of heat entering the ocean. A snippet: “Ocean heats atmosphere (or fails to cool it as well as it once did) much more readily than atmosphere heats ocean. This exothermic core-to-mantle equilibrium is cyclic, and can and will eventually reverse.” In this context, see yesterday’s report: Greenland’s glaciers might be melting 100 times as fast as previously thought. Given the criminal “science” of covid, many of us have come to believe that AGW must be completely reassessed from the bottom up. ABN

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