Why the Net Zero Policy is painfully illogical

Start from a small number of statements that make up the Net Zero commitment.

  1. The Earth must actually be warming.
  2. The warming must pose a genuine and serious threat to life on Earth.
  3. The warming must be man-made. Specifically, it must be caused by excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere arising from human activity.
  4. The U.K.’s [or anyone’s] NZC policy must bring about a meaningful global reduction of atmospheric carbon. That is, it must either make a significant reduction in its own right, or it must set an example that persuades other countries to reduce their own carbon emissions, to a degree sufficient to stop the warming.

For UK [or anywhere else] NZC to be effective, statements 1-4 must all be correct. If any one of them is false, the policy will fail, either because it doesn’t lead to sufficient carbon reduction, or because the policy wasn’t necessary in the first place.


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