Border Patrol agents confront Mayorkas in El Paso. Mayorkas dissembles as usual

An agent asked Mayorkas to provide his definition of “secure borders” after the secretary publicly said the southern border is “secure” amid record levels of illegal immigration.

“Again, he is lying his ass off saying that ‘no, I never said that,’” the agent who spoke with the DCNF said.

“‘We’re agents, we’ve seen you, we heard you,’” the agent said, adding that Mayorkas again denied making the statement and moved on to another question.

Agents also asked Mayorkas about why his strategy to curb illegal immigration is to increase their holding capacity, according to the agent.


Many of our public figures are in reality not actors or politicians or business leaders, they are enemy combatants, soldiers in an asymmetric war against USA. They lie, they cheat, they steal, and they work diligently at mass mind-control while simultaneously undermining USA through lockdowns, illegal immigration, bad policies, and “diversity” which too often serves to augment only their forces. These people are soldiers without uniforms fighting a war most Americans do not realize is happening though many can feel it. When we do not have the words or conventions to speak about something, that something will drift into a psycholinguistic limbo state where it appears semi-invisible, only partly real. Mayorkas is using this technique on the border by dissembling, denying the obvious, making empty promises. ABN

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