Arrested Antifa ‘terrorist’, 22, is son of millionaire Maine SURGEON: Grew up in gigantic $2m Kennebunkport mansion and sailed on parents’ stunning yacht

  • Francis ‘Frankie’ Carroll is one of five ‘domestic terrorists’ arrested at an autonomous zone in Atlanta 
  • The 22-year-old grew up in a $2m five-bedroom and four-bathroom mansion with his parents and two siblings
  • He was an honor roll student at the Kennebunkport Middle and High schools before becoming radicalized 
  • Carroll grew up just a stone’s throw from the famous George H. W. Bush family compound

This story is worth looking at. There is a weird morality in these people but very poorly thought through. They are able to see the bad side of capitalism but not the good side and not the bad side of what they are doing. ABN

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