Washington DC Labels Donald Trump an “Enemy of the State” — Meanwhile Americans Shrug and Say “Yup, That’s Why We Voted for Him”…

I have written so much about this dynamic, at this point it seems like I am continuing to repeat myself.  However, against the formal declaration of President Trump being labeled as an official “enemy of the state,” perhaps it’s worth a refresh.

The entire reason why CTH supported Donald J Trump in 2015 and forward was because he was a disruption to the DC system that few understood as deeply as an assembled bunch of politically homeless people right here on these pages and across America.  Since that original moment, Trump’s presence has done exactly what we always knew it would do, EXPOSE THE CORRUPTION.

Trump is the Rosetta Stone, the physical embodiment of a massive unrepresented middle-class assembly that despises Washington DC and the corrupt political establishment they represent.  Republicans and Democrats are two wings of the same vulture feeding on the carcass of the American worker, or what the FBI calls “domestic extremists,” people who just want to be left-the-f**k alone.


I like that headline! Says it all. DC has basically seized control of USA. Rather than represent the American people, they manipulate us and feed on our labors. ABN

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