Elon Musk breaks his silence on disastrous Twitter poll calling for his resignation as Kim Dotcom accuses government of hacking the vote: ‘They have the biggest bot army’

  • Elon Musk has finally broken his silence after a Twitter poll recommended he stand down from the social media platform 
  • Kim Dotcom suggested the results of the Musk’s poll asking him to step down were skewed by fake accounts
  • ‘Interesting’ Musk responded while also stating only Twitter Blue subscribers would be allowed to participate in policy-related polls in future 
  • Musk’s poll came after weeks of controversial decisions including sacking half the staff, readmitting far-right figures and suspending journalists 


I agree with Dotcom. A vote like this can be valuable but a company like Twitter should not subject itself to crowd whims and what very probably is interference from government and other bad actors, both foreign and domestic. Musk reveals a charming but dangerous innocence with this poll and in other matters. He is probably deeply isolated by his wealth and unable to get wise, unvarnished input from anyone. If he does choose a new CEO, I suggest he ask The Ethical Skeptic to do it. He has displayed high integrity and courage, and he’s nobody’s fool. Lex Fridman has volunteered to do the job and he is a nice guy but displays a similar worldly innocence as Musk. ABN

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