Scalability In Medicine

An exploration of the perverse economic incentives in the practice of medicine and the obstacles faced in treating COVID vaccine injuries.

I have always been fascinated by the subject of free will, and continually saddened by observing individuals choosing to relinquish the spontaneity they inherited as living conscious beings. In turn, I’ve tried to touch upon how predictable psychological patterning, external influences, and predefined thought patterns help to explain many of the abhorrent behaviors we’ve observed from the medical profession, the scientific authorities, and the general public over the last three years.

Examples include:

•Highlighting how the invisible public relations industry receives approximately 100 billion dollars each year to brainwash the public into obeying its sponsors.

How doctors’ perceptions of reality are shaped so that they cannot perceive “inconvenient” illnesses.

•How the harsh medical training each doctor goes through leaves them with an existential need to believe their practice of medicine is safe and effective (retained emotional patterning, such as that resulting from traumatic experiences, exerts an enormous influence over most people’s lives).

•How the current academic system trains people to forfeit their critical thinking and instead follow rigidly defined cognitive algorithms, which prevents most of those it trains from arriving at inconvenient conclusions while simultaneously zealously believing in each defense they provide for the orthodoxy.


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