Twitter Files Part 7 — How the FBI used and paid Twitter for censorship to throw the 2020 election

The Twitter File #7 release shows an active 2020 political mind-control operation conducted by the FBI in advance of the election. This operation is very similar to what the FBI did in 2016 when it fabricated the bogus Trump-Russia story—the infamous “Collusion Delusion.”

The FBI is spying and using information it gathers to control the American people. In doing this, the FBI is behaving no differently than the secret police of the Soviet Union, the FSB.

Social media is under DHS surveillance, facilitated by platform partnerships and the FBI mission is based on the results. Domestic thought crimes and wrong-speak are a high priority.

…Factually, a solid argument could be made that this specific release shows how the FBI Russiagate effort against Trump needed to exit Washington DC following the 2016 election, and so the majority of FBI’s anti-Trump activity for 2020 shifted to San Francisco.

Former FBI Legal Counsel James Baker was fired after the Russiagate activity started to surface.  Baker then becomes the General Counsel at Twitter, able to coordinate and receive ongoing FBI efforts.  Baker would be positioned to influence Twitter executives to accept the FBI instructions as well as deflect any internal questions that might arrise about the platform being used as an extension of the FBI.

As noted by James Baker’s email in the file release, Baker also dissuaded the financial concerns by coordinating payments from the FBI to cover the internal costs to Twitter.  The FBI was paying Twitter for influence and control operations and James Baker handled that transfer of funds.

On the financial side of the equation, I would be on the lookout for additional information about subsidies on the tech side of the platform operation. Specifically, data processing offsets for Twitter as a result of this DHS/FBI/ODNI relationship.  My suspicion for multiple years has been that Twitter tech shifted from an open portal type connection (front of building) to Twitter actually operating on the backbone of DHS servers (back of building).


The massive herd of elephants in the guard tower is we know the FBI was doing this not just with Twitter but also with other social media platforms, MSM, and more. The even bigger and more important question is who is giving the FBI its orders? Who is controlling them? Who is really running this country? No way it’s Brandon. No way its us citizens. ABN

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