THE TWITTER FILES (3): Release the Files On Twitter’s Enabling ADL, SPLC Censorship!

In summary: There is a vast tyrannical movement against online freedom and towards censorship, which can be referred to as “antifascism.” It ranges from the ground-level troops hip to the Antifa subculture and street rioting to software engineers and content moderators at major social media companies like Twitter.

It also extends all the way to the most powerful Deep State operatives in agencies like DHS, FBI, CIA, DOJ, and CISA. These folks may have a more buttoned-up approach and eschew associations with violent street thugs. But ultimately, their work at organizations like ADL and SPLC serves the same purpose: controlling the chokepoints to the free flow of information online.

Elon Musk has a platinum-plated opportunity to take the lid of this nest of vipers and the communist coup they are attempting to achieve in America. He can bring Truth and Reconciliation (to coin a phrase) by releasing the “Twitter Files” that expose the company’s complicity with the ADL and SPLC to censor and suppress Americans’ speech online.


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