The Holy Grail Quest for President Trump’s Tax Returns Ends with the World’s Loudest Sad Trombone

The world’s most anticipated and promoted financial disclosure in the history of the modern universe, was a complete nothingburger.

The only person who seems happy is Geraldo Rivera, who likely thinks that perhaps now his opening of Al Capone’s empty vault has finally been eclipsed in its ridiculous nothingness.

President Donald Trump’s taxes show an ordinary schedule of incomes and losses that fit within the four corners of every other tax filing by every other private company owner.  Incomes that rose and fell with the U.S. economy.   Worse yet, the filings show income losses that were amplified by Donald Trump’s decision to put aside his business interest and run for public office.

Yes, Donald Trump is the first President of the United States who lost money as an outcome of his political ascendency because he never sold his office to any individual, corporation, multinational or financial interest.    President Donald J Trump worked for the American people, using policies that were designed to benefit the American people, from within an office that was created to benefit the American people.

For the media, the world’s largest sad trombone.

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