They vowed to defeat Russia

General Zaluzhny, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army and Chief Rabbi of Ukraine. They celebrated Hanukkah together and vowed to defeat Russia.

Is the goal the unwinnable defeat of Russia or getting Slavs to continue killing each other as long as possible or at least flee the region? At some point, when the fighting stops some sort of shrunken ‘Ukrainian’ state will form. Who will control it and who will live there? The eyes of these two men show very clear purpose, definite goals. I do not believe for one minute they expect to defeat Russia, at least not at this point in time. Aside from US/NATO goals, what are the goals of the people who live in that region? Large numbers of Ukrainian able-bodied men have been killed in combat. Many Ukrainian citizens are dead and millions have left the region. Who inside Ukraine is really running Ukraine? Who controls Zelensky, who brought him to power? Who is driving the US fantasy on Ukraine? Its real end game, often openly stated, is the destruction of Russia, its total subjugation. Ukrainian army’s commander-in-chief poses with swastika bracelet. ABN

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