How doctors are groomed; how mind-control is done; how the preposterous covid narrative was all but forced on helpless populations; with some hope at the end

1. Here’s one of my MORE important threads –

I’m getting a lot of questions on how do we FIGHT BACK against MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and BIG PHARMA.

Here’s what I think, we need to use the SAME tactics that PHARMA uses against us.
Let me share with you one.

2. In the Pharma industry, you must understand that there is a SYMBIOTIC relationship between Physicians and Pharma. Physicians are people like us too. They also want to have career progressions like the rest of us.

3. One of the paths to progress your career is by riding Pharma’s machinery.
In Pharma, we categorize a group of Physicians as Key Opinion Leaders.

4. What are key opinion leaders? Basically, we rank every doctor according to 4 criteria.
a. The number of papers they published
b. The number of talks they have given
c. The frequency of talks they have given
d. Their medical association/ranks
There are other criterias too.

5. “Key Opinion Leaders” are doctors who SHAPES the general conversation or narratives. For example, these are the ones that will say “The Vaccines are Safe and Effective” and all other doctors simply follow their guidelines.

6. You must understand that doctors are extremely busy with patients/paper work. They don’t have much time to read and critically analyse Clinical Papers/Research etc.

7. One of the things that doctors MUST do to maintain their license is to get CME Points. They need CME points to renew their medical license to continue their work. CME stands for “Continuous Medical Education”.

8. CME Points are awarded by regulators on Speaker Events and conferences. These events and conferences are like educational talks where a doctor must go to renew their knowledge, get the points and renew the licenses. It’s called “CME Accredited Events”.

[This is an important thread. It clearly shows how doctors are brought into a system of controlled thought through a process that continuously maintains that system. Since we all experienced this aberrant medical system first-hand during covid, we should be able to rather easily extrapolate it to academia, police, military, law, journalism, politics, and so on. Our society and its “mass formation psychosis” has been engineered in this way over several generations beginning at the end of WW2. Virtually all professions and most walks of life have been indoctrinated into systems much like the one described in this post. ABN]

9. So for example, if you’re a doctor, there are mandatory number of events that you must attend per year. But the thing is, who runs and sponsors these events?? Yes, the PHARMA industry!! Who are the speakers of these events? The Key Opinion Leaders sponsored by PHARMA!

10. This is how knowledge is captured, conversations are shaped according to the narratives of Pharma. By Key Opinion Leaders sponsored by Pharma. Let me tell you something even more SHOCKING.

11. Key Opinion Leaders are GROOMED. We identify young and new graduate doctors, we call them Potential KOLs. They are career aggresive doctors, very asssertive. But they have no reputation in the industry so no one goes to their talks!

12. We train these Potential Young KOLs through various methods. We send them on trainings, even speaking and presentation trainings to make sure they build up proper skills to shape narratives in the future.

13. This itself became so prevalent that it became profitable to train young KOLs that ex-pharma started new companies just to train KOL Speakers.
You can simply do a google search on “Training Pharma KOL to find a huge list of these businesses.

14. Once these Young potential KOLs are ready, we use the Pharma machinery to coordinate EVENTS for these Young Potentials. We start spreading news, creating Speaker Events and inviting common doctors to their talks and people start talking about them.

15. Heck, we even have a great app to do all that logistics! We have people running events and managing KOLs. And we invite High Potential prescribing doctors to these events.

13. Read my thread about identifying HIGH POTENTIAL doctors here.

14. Now that we know that RULES OF THE GAME for SHAPING THE NARRATIVES, how do we overcome this?

I think the most important way to overcome this is to know the Key Opinion Leaders that are fighting against Pharma.

15. Yes, thank God there is also doctors recognizes this and are very good KOLs. Some of them are groomed by Pharma but woke up themselves. Some of them just build their career organically without Pharma. Pharma has used a LOT of money to silence these doctors.

16. Regulators who side with Pharma, do not give these good KOLs a voice. For example, their talks have ZERO “CME Accredition” points, so it is a waste of time for doctors to attend their talks because they don’t get points to renew their medical license.

17. To win this battle, we need to give back voices to these KOL doctors. Learn intimately and identify WHO these KOLs are. Spread the word around, on who they are. Giving them back their VOICE is a key aspect of this battle!

18. Many have been deplatformed from Twitter but with @elonmusk taking back control, Pfizer has stopped sponsoring twitter and there might be a chance for these doctors to speak without getting deplatformed now.

19. WHO are these doctors? Make sure you follow them, listen to what they have to say. There are a lot of Pharma-paid KOLs that “debunks” these KOL too! Understand the game, only ONE side has financial interest and only ONE side is being silenced!!

20. When you see a “debunk” video with such Titles like “Why its wrong!”, you know its a Pharma paid KOL.

(Normal scientists who debates do not simply say the other side is wrong). They sit down and debate and are open to challenges.

21. Some of these doctors disagree with each other too, which is OK!! Its normal human behavior
Once, I placed two Pharma sponsored KOLs side by side during lunch, they both speak for me in Pharma, but they hated each other and started comparing the size of their swimming pools🙄

22. Here are some doctors you MUST know and follow. Give them back their voice, go to RUMBLE and look up their talks.
Don’t read their profile from WIKIPEDIA (it is a pharma paid platform that tries to silence them)
Dr Aseem Malhotra @DrAseemMalhotra
Dr Ryan Cole @drcole12

23. Prof Sucharit Bhakdi
Dr Robert Malone
Dr Peter Mccullough
Dr James Thorp
Dr Paul Marik
Dr Clare Craig (@ClareCraigPath)
Dr Mohammad Adil @DrMohammadIAdi1

There are many more.
Lets give them back their voices, I think its one of the most important steps is to give these GENERALS back their weapons (VOICE) in this war of information. Get to know them, who they are. Look them up in RUMBLE (not youtube)

Please help me spread this FAR and WIDE by retweeting. Read my collection of threads about Pharma HERE.

I just want to add Dr. Jason Fung @drjasonfung here too
He is one of the earlier doctors who spoke out against Pharma’s narrative (see video below)

He is also a proponent of Keto and Fasting (no money for Pharma)

Let me add another individual to the list – Steve Kirsch, he has a 1 million dollar challenge to anyone willing to debate him live, with real data on the vaccine. The 1 million dollar is just by coming to the table to talk!

No pharma shill came forth !

Another Doc to know and follow is Prof Jay Bhatthcharya


Another one —> Dr Dean Patterson, Cardiologist @mottomeneki

Originally tweeted by aussie17 (@_aussie17) on November 22, 2022.

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