SPECULATION: The viral outbreak in China may be the beginning of a new bioweapon attack

I have been poking around and following some leads and finding a decent amount of information that the viral outbreak in China is real, involving lots and lots of people. I don’t think anyone knows the number. I just read something that claims in Beijing they’re giving passports to anybody who wants them and people are going to Kuala Lumpur for some reason but they don’t need to give any official reason to Chinese authorities. Who knows if that’s true or not. But that’s how you would spread the virus. So far a big question mark is to my knowledge the outbreak in China has not spread anywhere. Another piece of information on this is — a very likely method for spreading the virus within China is through drones. I’m sure you’ve seen videos of drones hovering over Chinese cities making announcements and sometimes spraying antivirals into the air. Obviously they could just as easily be spreading a new version of covid. If you see anything on this topic please let me know. I looked at enough stuff that I feel a little bit alarmed and this could mean something.

The above is an e-mail I just sent to a close friend. It’s just speculation and gives a sense of what is going on or might be going on. I am posting it as speculation and leave it to readers to decide for themselves. If I come across any solid information worth linking, I will post it. ABN

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