Collapsing Conspiracy Cover-Ups?

The 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy possibly ranks as the single most famous event of the twentieth century.

For nearly sixty years, there have been widespread suspicions that he died at the hands of a conspiracy, as did his brother Robert a few years later. Although these “conspiracy theories” have been ignored or dismissed by nearly our entire mainstream media, they have inspired hundreds or thousands of books and films along with countless articles, and have been widely believed by large portions of the American public. The resulting loss of faith in our major institutions has been dramatic, leading to today’s intense popular skepticism on so many other issues, whether justified or unjustified.

Our government has still never released all of its official records on the death of our 35th President, but after almost six decades that monumental cover-up may finally be starting to collapse.


I do not want to get into this too much and I have absolutely not read all of Ron Unz’s work on this topic. But I do want to say that he seems to have become obsessed with the idea that he is the only person that figured out that covid could have been or was a bioweapon attack on China by Western powers. My understanding is he believes rogue elements within the American and Western intelligence communities released covid in China during a military sporting event in late 2019. That may be what happened but there are many other even more plausible ways the virus may have been released. There are also many reasons why China might have done it. And there are many good reasons to believe that elements in the West cooperated with elements in China to do it. Both sides gained by getting rid of Donald Trump and seizing more power. The other side of Ron’s argument that is lacking is he naively accepted CDC covid pseudoscience, including the vaccines. Strong support for the argument that Western powers released covid is the Western response to covid looks most of all like part two of a 5G war against the West. To see this for yourself just consider that nothing good has happened in the West for many years while at the same time many bad things have happened, covid being just one of them. Ron’s linked essay is well worth reading and I recommend it otherwise I would not have posted it. His point of view is very often refreshing and always worth considering. ABN

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