Ukrainian war, politics, its future and what Poland might do

During this talk, Mercouris and Christoforou repeatedly say that Zelensky is pursuing strategies based on political considerations: 1) to bolster morale in Ukraine and 2) to show Western donor nations they are succeeding in the war and thus deserve to be given more money. The problem I have with this take on the situation, and there’s much to be said for it, is that Ukrainian politics for a long time has not been run by Ukrainians. It’s run by American neocons and non-Ukrainian oligarchs. Zelensky was selected and raised to the presidency by those people and is clearly one of them or one of their puppets. That group of people will have no problem watching Russian Slavs and Ukrainian Slavs kill each other. I imagine they have post-war plans for that region that are not in the best interests of Ukrainians or Russians. Zelensky does want the money but I do not believe he expects Ukraine to benefit from any of it. ABN

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