Evidence of severe mortality in China purportedly from covid

There are many videos like these coming out of China claiming large numbers of dead bodies from covid are overwhelming hospitals and crematoriums. At the same time, the Chinese government’s official position is no one is dying from covid. This kind of vague, confusing, and contradictory picture is normal for China in virtually all areas. There are several explanations for why there are so many dead bodies, including: 1) they are victims of a massive political purge which is using covid as a cover story; 2) there is a real outbreak of covid which is hitting hard because Chinese have become immunologically naive due to mass lockdowns; 3) a new and more deadly variant of covid has appeared in China and will soon spread across the world; 4) this is more political theater aimed at confusing the people of China and the world as Xi Jinping consolidates absolute power. Feel free to add your own because nobody knows. ABN

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