Jordan Peterson — ‘I can’t do it’

What I see most of all in Ukraine is a bunch of non-Ukrainian American neocons and non-Ukrainian Ukrainian oligarchs overseeing a melee of Russian and Ukrainian Slavs killing each other for nothing with a good chance Polish and Belorussian Slavs will join the fray soon. The greatest foreign policy failure in world history is the failure of Europe to form a lasting alliance with Russia. And that failure is based on the failure of Europeans to stop fighting each other. Over 100 years ago Sun Yatsen pointed out that ‘white people’ were a very capable race but since they cannot stop fighting each other, they will eventually lose everything. When you inject Jewish power into this mix along with the vainglorious cowardice of Jordan Peterson who stands for millions of ‘white people’, you see the problem is deeper than even Sun imagined. And it’s gotten worse in the last four years. ABN

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