‘I don’t want them owning residential developments’: DeSantis vows to follow Trudeau’s lead and BAN Chinese investors from buying property – as he brands country a ‘hostile nation’

  • Florida’s governor is calling for a ban on Chinese investors from buying land
  • Ron DeSantis, a potential presidential nominee, called China a ‘hostile nation’
  • Florida is most popular with investors from Latin America
  • DeSantis raised the issue of Chinese investors buying up American farmland 
  • As of January 1, Chinese and Indian investors are banned from buying homes in Canada 

This issue is important and also easy to understand because real estate is easy to visualize—homes, farmland, apartments, etc. There is something even worse. It is infiltrators completely owning our mainstream media, elections, government agencies, social media, think tanks, court systems, and more. It is hard to visualize the mindset of parasites who have deliberately infiltrated and destroyed the institutions that make the American system work. What has happened during covid to our medical institutions, government health agencies, and medical science overall is a graphic example of the larger catastrophe that now defines USA. We are a dying host riddled with parasites feeding on every part of our nation and its institutions. They take, they destroy, and they build nothing. ABN

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