China’s Covid crisis: What went wrong and how bad is it? | Talking Post with Yonden Lhatoo

Wang’s discussion of vaccine low-uptake among the elderly in China does not make sense. If 90% of big city populations became infected since lockdowns ended, that means the vaccine either doesn’t work or nobody was taking it, not just the elderly. His discussion of the lack of OTC medications when zero-covid ended is excellent. I have wondered all along why China did not make HCQ and IVM meds available OTC everywhere in China. Also, I had always believed that China had been using HCQ or similar and IVM to treat covid. Wang had nothing to say on this point but it is relevant. I believe it is smart of China to refuse to use mRNA vaccines offered by the West. His discussion of the Chinese vaccine, which I assume is Sinovac, implies that it works well which as far as I know it does not. ABN

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