White Californians as a Prototype for America’s Multiethnic Future

California is a trendsetter for the nation, and there is a cliché in how the populist right uses California as a harbinger for America’s future as a Third World dystopia. People underestimate how White California was, not that long ago, and White Californians are now about one-third of the population, down from about 85%, a couple of generations ago. However, California’s reality counters the racialist right’s narrative of expecting a major White backlash, once Whites reach minority status. The closest California came to a “White backlash,” was in the 90s, with the anti-illegal immigration measure prop 187the affirmative action ban, and tough on crime policies, that were a reaction to the crimewave and the LA Riots. The White Right is emotionally invested in narratives of conflict or collapse, but in California White replacement has been more of a gradual, peaceful, and smooth transition, perhaps a soft peaceful ethnic cleansing.


Good article, clearly written and thoughtful. Recommended. ABN

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