Robert W Malone, MD, MS vs Peter R. Breggin, MD et al

[Some gloomy battle has formed and is being waged against Robert Malone. I have no knowledge of any of this but am providing a few links readers can use if they want to get into this. Below is an essay by Malone. ABN]

I apologize in advance to most of you for sending this out, but a recent article by Peter and Ginger Breggin, coupled with a social media/email campaign by them, has caused considerable confusion and questions to be raised. I provide the following so that each reader can make their own assessment of the truthfulness of what the Breggins have written in their most recent article and email concerning myself and this legal case.

Suffice to say, it is no fun to take a 12h flight back from Istanbul after attending a strategy session of international leaders in the medical freedom movement to land and discover yet another written attack campaign coming at me, including from people who I had once considered colleagues and fellow warriors.

As some of you may be aware, I find this all deeply disturbing and depressing. At one point, I just wanted to walk away, but support of friends and family (and the Toronto and Florida medical freedom communities) got me through that. I thought it had died down since we filed the lawsuit last October, but now it is back again.


Here is Paul Alexander’s side of the dispute: Cicero & Dr. Robert Malone, what do they have in common? The former spoke about ‘the enemy within’, the latter IS the enemy within; he knows it, we know it, Malone is a GRIFTER fraud; I tried silence! And here is a Twitter string. Too bad this is happening. Timing is probably telling. ABN

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