Ukraine: Is the Hammer About to Fall?

The plan to engage Russia militarily is a tacit admission that the United States can no longer maintain its global dominance through economic or political means alone. After exhaustive analysis and debate, western elites have settled on a course of action aimed at dividing the world into warring blocs in order to prosecute a war on Russia and China. The ultimate strategic objective of the current policy, is to tighten the grip of western elites on the levers of global power and to prevent the dissolution of the “rules-based international order.” But after 11 months of nonstop warfare in Ukraine, the US-backed western coalition finds itself in a worse position than when it began. Aside from the fact that the economic sanctions have severely impacted Washington’s closest European allies, the West’s control of Ukraine has plunged the economy into a protracted slump, destroyed much of the country’s critical infrastructure and annihilated a sizable portion of the Ukrainian Army. More importantly, Ukrainian forces are now suffering unsustainable casualties on the battlefield which is laying the groundwork for the inevitable splintering of the state. Whatever the outcome of the conflict may be, one thing is certain: Ukraine will no longer exist as a viable, independent, contiguous state.


This essay assumes the architects of US/NATO actions in Ukraine are incompetent, failed to prepare, and have no clear strategic goals. I disagree. Those architects are US/NATO neocons, to give them a single name, and they have been needling Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union. They have been messing with Ukraine wildly since 2014 and began openly goading Putin after the insertion of Brandon as US president. The people who did all that are neither incompetent nor devoid of strategic plans. All along they have been achieving their goals on schedule—the destruction of Ukraine to be followed by the reconstruction of a new mixture of states or just one state. If Putin is deposed or Russia harmed in the process, so much the better.

Look at the facts on the ground—an enormous number of dead Ukrainians, young males especially; an enormous number of Ukrainian refugees who have fled the area probably for good; lots of free money flowing into many pockets, Zelensky’s included. Recently, we learned that Larry Fink of Blackrock and Volodymyr Zelensky are already planning how to rebuild Ukraine. How they do that and who ends up living there (one possibility) will explain the entire conflict and the decades leading up to it. Incompetence will not be a factor when the outcome is fully known, nor will lack of planning. ABN

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