77% of Cardiovascular Adverse Events from Pfizer’s mRNA COVID Shot Occurred in Women, as Well as in People Under Age 65. Two Minors Suffered Cardiac Events

  • 50% of the cardiovascular adverse events were reported in the first 24 hours post-injection.
  • There were 136 deaths, which equates to nearly 10% of affected patients.
  • Of the total of 1,403 patients, 946, or 66%, had severe adverse events.
  • Pfizer excluded myocarditis and pericarditis from the Cardiovascular category and instead reported those adverse events under the Immune-Mediated/Autoimmune category. While immune-mediated myocarditis and pericarditis can occur, it seems disingenuous that those adverse events were left out of the Cardiovascular category.
  • One child and one adolescent suffered cardiovascular adverse events, but Pfizer did not provide any details of what happened to them. These children also were not included in Pfizer’s Pediatric Report. Did they experience heart attacks? Does the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) know about these cases?
  • much younger population, ages 18-64 years, made up the bulk of adverse event cases in this category (77%). Cardiovascular disease is typically a hallmark of age. Why were there so many cardiovascular side effects in younger adults?
  • Cardiovascular adverse events occurred more than three times as often in women – 1,076 (77%) were female, 291 (21%) were male, and 36 (2.5%) were unreported.


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