Idaho medical board harasses Dr Ryan Cole with ‘charges’; he has till end of month to respond

Dr. Ryan Cole of Idaho has until Jan. 30 to respond to charges from the Washington Medical Commission that he violated standards related to COVID-19 and patient care.

Cole, a pathologist whose specialty does not involve direct patient-care experience, has maintained that he didn’t violate any standards while treating patients for COVID-19 via telehealth.

The statement of charges from the Washington Medical Commission says otherwise.

The Washington state medical board’s decision to charge Cole follows a lengthy investigation. It opened the investigation in 2021, in response to multiple complaints about Cole’s conduct in public forums about COVID-19; his disproven and unproven claims about the coronavirus vaccine; and his practice of seeing COVID-19 patients through a website that advertised a willingness to prescribe drugs that do not prevent or treat the disease.

“This has been purely Good Samaritan care for patients desperate for help that was not being offered elsewhere,” he wrote in a letter to the Washington Medical Commission last year. “… I provided free medical care out of a real attempt to help those in need.”


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