“The anti-vaxxers clearly won, you’re the winners!” — Scott Adams

Adams lost but still hedges as if it had been a bet. People I know who did not accept the vax did not accept it because we researched it. The evidence against it was much stronger than the evidence for it. That alone demanded at least delaying getting the shot. By July of 2021 it was obvious the vaxxes were shit. Our position was never the weakest. With health, always err on the side of caution so at least delaying vaxxing for a few months was the obvious best analytical position. Even as he admits “defeat”, Adams shows he is either unable to think properly or he is so narcissistic he cannot take the full, actual, real loss he incurred. The future is not a roulette wheel we bet on. It was not our “heuristics” that won against your (shitty) “analytics”, it was our analysis which was better than yours. ABN

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