Trump 5D chess on vaxxes explained

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One way or the other, I don’t much care what he says about the vaxxes because that issue has legs of its own and does not need Trump. It’s not a presidential issue in 2024 on the level of the economy, trade, jobs, immigration, wars, and all the other good stuff Trump can do. People making a big stink about his vax stance are either being misdirected or deliberately misdirecting. ABN

2 thoughts on “Trump 5D chess on vaxxes explained

  1. I disagree with your take on vaxxes being a less important issue. In my opinion it is THE most important issue we are currently facing. Forced vaccination would be a horrific violation of individual liberty. Also, the deaths and injuries resulting from the covid mRNA “vaccines” is one of the largest mass murders and mass maimings in history. Millions were killed outright, and tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, were seriously injured and will likely die earlier than if they had avoided the injections. That Pharma and their marketing arms of FDA, CDC, AMA, and WHO are not only getting away with this, but also continuing to push these poisons is the worst miscarriage of justice we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

    1. I agree with you completely on the vaxxes. I am leery of making a big deal about Trump not coming out strong against them. We need Trump for other issues. I do not want to see him disabled based on this one issue.

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