Spike Protein System-wide Transcriptome Damage and Tissue Identity Loss

For Example, Cells Involved in Cardiac Conduction No Longer Know They are Involved in Cardiac Conduction and Immune Cells Forget to Fight Invaders…

Every cell in your body “goes to school.” There is no such thing as a generic cell. Each cell has been told by the DNA in its nucleus what proteins to transcribe (via mRNA) to have the cell become a skin cell, brain cell, muscle cell – you get the idea.

Now, the Spike Protein (please see my previous post for the source) is causing those proteins to be “misread.” They are translated into nonsense. Think of it as you need a fork to eat dinner, but you are handed a random shaped object that cannot be used as a fork.

If you are an accountant and your business suddenly stops giving you accounting software and replaces it with diet management sofware, you can’t very well do your job. When cells lose the tools they make to do their jobs, they lose their identity.

So, this is further evidence as to why we are seeing sudden cardiac deaths, cancers, neurodegeneration and all the strange illnesses that are rampantly appearing. For example, when enough cells involved in cardiac conduction no longer know they are involved in cardiac conduction, cardiac conduction ceases.

This is also most likely the reason for the observed immunodeficiency. Immune cells no longer know they are immune cells, and dysfunction.


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