Stew Peters — There is no immunity for murder

The problem is there is no authority or institution or power that will get there. Everything in USA and the West has been taken over, infiltrated, usurped. My words are not complicity, agreement, or defeatism. They simply describe how it is. We are today living as serfs in a dictatorship, the top of which is invisible to most of us. USA is hardly different from Ukraine in that nothing works and no one in power tells the truth or is not corrupt (with very few exceptions). This is how people have always lived. What is different today is we have more information and can see a little more clearly. Top powers are influenced by public moods and understanding, insofar as there is such a thing. But top powers also influence and control public moods and understanding with a power that is much greater and infinitely more agile than the sum total of the individuals that make up the public. ABN

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