Cardiac testing to be encouraged by NHS

This sounds like the suggestion Josh Stirling made on his Jan Jekielek interview a few days ago. He proposed this as a way to manage vax damage without saying that vax damage has happened. Jekielek countered that many will mistrust an initiative like this and that it will be a boon for testing services and other prescription drugs. Stirling said it may save one million lives, which is probably true. This looks like a compromise that will do good while also allowing many vaxxed to get tested and not lose face. This also may be the beginning of Big Medicine, Big Pharma, and Big Government quietly walking away from their vax and plandemic responsibilities. I see it as a mixed bag of good and bad. The vaxxed should get cardio and other tests. More lives will be saved sooner if we leave out vax-induced publicity at MSM levels.

Realistically, the perps are probably going to get away with all of it. Nebbishes who were vaxxed and won’t admit their mistakes shouldn’t have to die for their lack of character. In the interview, Stirling said he had been working on the testing plan and had already raised money and support, especially from within the insurance industry which wants to remain neutral on vax-injury. ABN

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