A bit of infighting

There are very good reasons why I have nothing to do with Jane Ruby or Stew Peters.

This is one of them.

Ryan Cole got one thing wrong early on but acknowledged his error and has been 100% dedicated to the truth. This is what we do.


Not a pleasant subject but something that can happen. I do not have any other info on this spat but wonder why both Malone and now Cole are being attacked over seemingly non-issues. I tend strongly to believe Cole and Malone over Peters or Ruby. That said, I think Peters’ tendency to sensationalize is not all bad given the deceitful information environment established by mainstream news and government, which needs a good shaking once in awhile. I know people who were red-pilled by Died Suddenly. I rarely listen to Ruby because she does not seem credible. Somewhere in the wider fracas among covid scientists and personalities, the adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity applies. Died Suddenly is an example, imo, of some bad publicity that also does some good; more good than bad. I see Peters as a topical artist not too different from Alex Jones. There are many good people who respond to voices like theirs and need to hear truths in that way. ABN

UPDATE: More discussion available here. To be clear, I almost never post Alex Jones or Stew Peters but sometimes I do and I know there are many who respond to voices like theirs. Attacks against either of them do not need to be too sharp. Sensationalism is a type of communication and it has a place in the real world. If we all talked and wrote like Dr Clare Craig, who would hear us? (BTW, she’s great but so soft-spoken she’s on the other side of this spectrum.) I just noticed that Ruby is a defendant in Malone’s defamation case along with Breggin. We have been consistently losing to a decades-long psyop because the perps relentlessly use information for its greatest effect on the public. They lie and cheat all the time because those tactics work. This does not mean we should lie or cheat, but it does mean we need to accept less than perfect presentations of facts in some cases, from time to time. ABN

UPDATE: See this: Robert Malone and Ryan Cole on the nuances of covid science for more on the topic of rhetoric and communication. ABN

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