Demand for funeral facilities soars as the covid tsunami continues: How many Chinese have died from the virus?

The number of dead from covid estimated in this video—up to 400 million—sounds incredible to me. This channel has no reason to lie about this, as far as I know. Conversely, official CCP covid death tallies sound just as incredible as so few are admitted. Is it even possible there are such high infection rates in China? What variant(s) are responsible? Why are these enormous numbers of infection and death not appearing in neighboring countries? As usual, there is no way to know for sure and plenty of reason speculate. Is Xi killing off his weakest people in preparation for war and hard times? Is he simply angry and deliberately spreading disease to save face for the failure of his zero-covid lockdown policies? Many in the West speculate that NATO and American neocons are preparing to attack China after they are finished with Russia. Xi must know this. Is he preparing for that? ABN

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