Good information on vitamin D; right dosage and use, and why some studies find it fails

🚨THREAD: Get ready to boost your health knowledge! 💥 Did you know Vitamin D is more than just a sunshine vitamin? But hold on, there's more to uncover in this thread. Two crucial problems related to Vitamin D await you, keep reading! #VitaminD #HealthMatters (1/15)

2/ Most Vitamin D studies are flawed because:
▪️The lack of expertise in nutrition, especially clinical or functional nutrition, among MDs & researchers.
▪️Many studies thus manifest a false image of Vit D. They conclude that it is ineffective even though the opposite is true.

3/ Due to the Covid "pandemic", many studies on vitamin D have been conducted in the last two years. Many studies conclude that vitamin D is ineffective, if not harmful. The website provides an overview of the Covid-related vitamin D studies.

4/ In this thread, I will examine the methodology of recent studies on vitamin D. But let’s first take a look at the three criteria a vitamin D study must fulfil to be meaningful.

Soaking In Some Vitamin D GIF

5/ PROPER DOSAGE: The vitamin D dosage administered in the study must reflect physiologic requirements and natural endogenous production. Consequently, it should be in the range of 4,000-10,000 IU (depending on age, weight, and skin colour) to achieve a bloodserum level >50ng/mL.

6/ The diagram that I attached to my first tweet illustrates the claim that proper immune system function requires at least 50ng/mL, as @RobinWhittle3 explained in this article.

7/ DURATION OF SUPPLEMENTATION: The participants of the studies must supplement with vitamin D for at least six months. It can be expected that the vitamin bloodserum level plateaus after about four months.

8/ However, another 2-4 months are required to cause biochemical changes within the participant’s body. This means that a conducted study does not begin with administering vitamin D, but instead, 2-4 months after achieving vitamin D sufficiency (i.e. >50ng/mL) is reached.

9/ ACHIEVED BLOODSERUM LEVELS: As stated above, the participant’s blood serum level needs to be between 50-100ng/mL. Also, as explained in my publication, one should always supplement vitamin D with about 200µg vitamin K2-MK7 to avoid calcification.

10/ The website lists the following treatment studies. Especially nine studies that show the adverse effects of vitamin D catch the eye. Let’s take a look at one of these studies in this thread. The other analyses are available in my substack article.

11/ Cannata-Andía et al. (2022)

In this treatment study, participants received a one-time oral dose of 100,000 IU of vitamin D3. The study claims that those who received such a treatment had increased risks of 44 and 117% dying from Covid.

12/ Vitamin-D Dosage: 100,000 IU once (FAIL! Required: 4,000-10,000 IU per day)
Duration of Supplementation: once (FAIL! Required: >6 months)
Achieved Bloodserum Levels: ~30 ng/mL (FAIL! Required: 50-100 ng/mL)

This study didn’t meet any of the above-mentioned criteria.

fail black and white GIF

13/ Similar methodological flaws can also be found in all other studies with negative outcomes, which are unfortunately never mentioned. In the media, you only read: "Vitamin D makes everything worse." It is a mystery to me how these studies managed to pass peer review.

14/ Lots of information about vitamin D is out there. Many real experts such as @DrVasquezHealth and @drdavidgrimes have been stating for decades which blood-serum levels are desirable. Also, the metabolic pathway of vitamin D is well-known.

15/ It is time for Vitamin D to be seen as it is: a hormone that regulates the immune system, which is thousands of times more important for our health than pharmaceutical products. Sunshine, and check out my substack article for the other analyses.☀️

Originally tweeted by Dr. Simon Goddek (@goddeketal) on January 30, 2023.

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