‘This is all about raw politics. This is about power. This is about punishment’ ~ Scott Jensen

They are NOW using Keith Ellison and the Attorney General’s Office to take away my Medical License – If this can happen to me it can happen to you!

Originally tweeted by Scott Jensen (@drscottjensen) on January 30, 2023.

Scott, you are dealing with communists and stupid people. They can and will create hell on earth. You may get out of this but there are multitudes of others who are now and will continue to be destroyed by these forces. Filing this one under ‘asymmetric warfare’ and ‘usurpation’. These forces are not just quashing Jensen or good medical care, they are taking over our entire society. Throughout the West the root problem is the same—there is no authority that can or will stop these parasitic forces because they have already wormed their way to the top. ABN

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